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Who is Missio Dei?

Missio Dei is a Latin phrase that is interpreted, the "Sent of God'.

We best understand ourselves to be a community of faith guided by the 'Mission of God', not just on Sunday or during a project, but as a lifestyle.

Our mission is to... 
      Rretrieve, Reclaim and Renew
       the Christian Standard of
              "Living Radical with Inclusive Love."

With this at our core,

  • We are passionate about supporting and encouraging an emerging form of Christianity which is rooted in ancient wisdom and attentive to the movement of the spirit of God today.
  • We are dedicated to spiritual practice, and to living out our values in the world.
  • We are open and inclusive and we honor the perennial wisdom found in the living scriptures and explore how past, present and future generations live them out.
  • We affirm the equality and godliness of people of all genders, ages, races and nationalities.
  • We understand that humans do not stand apart from creation but exist within a web of being that is sacred in all its aspects.
  • We emphasize the spirituality of transformation rather than adherence to doctrine or belief...  Continue Reading...

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Our Pastor