Small Groups

Loving God...

He is the "First Thing" and the only One truly worthy of worship!!! He loves, cherishes and adores us so much that He gave His "Only Begotten" to restore us to our original value as Sons and Daughters of God... He is both our Father and our King...  His Kingdom is established inside of us... He claimed us as His own... We are Joint Heirs of His Kingdom in a Father-Son/Daughter Covenant (all that is His is mine and all that is mine is His) That's why we Love Him! He is Amazing...

Loving People...

Because God's love is never ending it is only natural that as His love flows down to us, through us than returns back to Him. You will know a Believer by how they "love one another."  83 times in the Second Testament we are told to "One Another" each other which is nothing more than a natural out-flowing of the amazing gift of love we live.

Loving More People...

As God fills us to overflowing it is only natural for that overflowing love to touch More People... Because He lives inside of us, His love so shines out of us such that everyone we touch are really being toughed by Jesus... It's natural out-flowing of who you have become in Him...

Contact Us...

Pastor Thom Nees   
Cell: (509) 630-4438
Email: o2bsalty@gmail.com

Pastor Jacey Bernaiche 
Cell: (208) 995-4065 cell
Email: jaceylynn12@gmail.com

Chaplain Mark Sullivan 
Cell: (509) 668-1070
Email: marks@localtel.net